Easy Slow Cooker Jambalaya

A rather easy version of that famouse New Orleans dish.

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California Dreamin Cause Im Tired Of Winter Vegan Award Winning Chili

This chili won my brother first prize for veggie chili in a department chili cookoff. (He was the only entrant, but they could have withheld the award if the chili was no good.)

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Chicken Marrakesh

This sounds so delicious – I might try to create a non-crockpot version as well.

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Colorado Green Chili

Like it’s cousin, Colorado Red Chili, this recipe came from a friend of mine out in Colorado who goes by the handle Fielding Melish. This is a green variety of chili, a chili verde. Note that the “Colorado” in the title doesn’t mean the Spanish word for “red” – it’s where the recipe originated.

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Slow Cooker BBQ Pork Sandwiches

An easy crockpot recipe for BBQ pulled pork sammiches! Barbecued pork sandwiches are so easily made in the slow cooker.

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Easy Pot Roast

Simple crockpot pot roast recipe. Pretty standard.

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