Working at the intersection of Rails, GraphQL, and React, developing modern web applications with fast response times. Deeply experienced in software architecture, design, development and deployment tools and methodologies, especially related to the disciplines of web applications, user experience, team building, and processes.

Webologist and Tech Maven, deeply into the practice of Software Engineering as a Craft. Leading software developers in the art of Test- and Behaviour-Driven Development, and providing a wealth of experience in guiding teams of developers, testers, operations and other people involved in the creation and deployment of web applications.

Critically concerned with delivering products and services that delight and amaze customers and users, building strong brand recognition and loyalty by the means of solid user experience, function and form.

Constantly striving for ways to reduce technical debt, overhead, and wasteful activity within projects. Not afraid to ask critical questions to ensure healthy features are delivered on time and within budget.

Work with team members to provide a fun, healthy, productive, diverse, and cohesive team of managers, analysts, developers, quality assurance, and operations.

Experienced in:

  • architecting, developing, testing, and deplooying web applications, software products, and utilities
  • technical leadership, knowledge sharing, teaching, and coaching
  • managing and facilitating teams
  • analyzing technical and business processes
  • designing and assembling development-to-deployment processes
  • creating sharable development environments