September 2001 to present

Web Developer, Pontiki Software Crafts, Mendota Heights, Minnesota

Freelance web design and development, including pro bono work for non-profits and individuals desiring a presence on the Web. Includes finding hosting space, development of information architecture, design layout of site, development and/or repurposing of content, and maintenance.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • User experience and User-centered design for interactive web sites
  • Database design for dynamic web sites and applications
  • Creation and developing on frameworks for generating static web sites
  • Frameworks and infrastructure to implement business logic and web site features
  • Environments and tools for development, testing, integration and deployment
  • Teach and coach new developers, running "Toast \& Tech" study groups
  • Volunteer mentor/coach/instructor for Women Who Code Twin Cities, Hack-the-Gap, Code Switch (Code for America)

January 2019 to present

Board Member, JavaScript MN, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Board member to help produce the monthly JavaScript users group in Minnesota.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • convince JS users in the communitity to give talks at meetups
  • coach speakers
  • welcome attendees, ensure the space is welcoming and inclusive for all comers
  • reach out to underserved communities to help them participate

March 2017 to April 2020

API-driven Rubyist, React/GraphQL Maven, ReachLocal (Gannett), Minneapolis, Minnesota

Implement modern GraphQL APIs in Ruby for the Kickerv product, and develop replacement React web client using GraphQL interface with Apollo Client.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • work on the Kickserv product
  • build robust APIs (REST and GraphQL) to enable modern web client applications for desktop and mobile to access backend data
  • migrate REST API to GraphQL API
  • create a React web client using Apollo to talk GraphQL to the back end application
  • create various React components to work in Rails webpacker environment with AJAX services using both REST and GraphQL
  • migrate legacy javascript to modern webpacker architecture
  • write code to consume 3rd party REST and SOAP APIs
  • deployments to AWS ECS via terraform
  • work with other engineers to build common components

September 2015 to October 2018

Volunteer, TA, Mentor, Girl Develop It, Minneapolis Chapter, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Volunteer to help women learn web skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, and publishing.

During my time as a mentor with GDI, my local chapter in Minneapolis had some horrible incidents of overt racism and denial at the leadership level. I count myself as culpable in this problem as I had no realization it was happening. This set of incidents festered and spread through other chapters, and on to the national headquarters.

I ended my relationship with Girl Develop It after it became apparent to me the organization leadership had absolutely no intention to repair the problems with including Women of Color and hearing the problems they spoke up about.

For information on the issues with GDI, see An Open Letter to the Board of Girl Develop It

Do not support this group. It is not diverse or inclusive. Worse, it refuses to admit and confront these failings in itself.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • mentor, teach

October 2014 to October 2017

Organizer, Rails.MN Beginners meetup, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Train people new to Ruby on Rails how to develop web applications using the Rails framework.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • Teach monthly classes
  • Provide resources and support for students
  • Maintain web resources

November 2016 to March 2017

Contract Software Developer, Software for Good, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Provide software to enable clients to query a large datastore with natural language and return meaningful datasets.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • write anisble and shell scripts to deploy project to staging
  • write training questions and entity extraction code
  • write extraction, transfer, and load scripts for external data
  • provide code review and expertise to other project members
  • wrote mainly in Python
  • deployments using Ansible to AWS

December 2013 to April 2016

Contract Software Developer, Ackmann-Dickenson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Contract development in the areas of Rails and JavaScript on several A-D projects.

Accomplishments and Duties

  • Pro subscriptions and e-commerce in Brewtoad
  • One-button recipe ordering in Brewtoad
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Micro-service architecture and implementation
  • Angular SPA clients for MSA backend
  • Massive and complex data analysis product
  • Data ETL middle layer to provide a massive speed-up for an e-commerce website
  • Lots of Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
  • Deployments using chef, puppet, and ansible to Rackspace and AWS EBS

July 1980 to present

Various positions, Hewlett-Packard, Shopzilla, NovuHealth, BluewaterBrand,

Career as a software developer, business analyst, process and technology consultant, author, facilitator, trainer

Accomplishments and Duties

  • Web development in PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails
  • Software development on unix system software
  • Taught relationship-based skills to engineers, managers, and senior execs.
  • Consulted with various software development groups within Hewlett-Packard to improve software development capabilities
  • Developed software for network management at Hewlett-Packard
  • Software Quality Engineer manager of 10 engineers
  • Software Quality Engineer