Why an online resumé?

Because I am a web maven, a webologist, and the web and the internet is where I live.

The tools used in making this include:

  • Middleman, a static web site generator that uses the same tools I use in my work life: Ruby, Haml, Sass, and includes several helper features from Rails.

  • Twitter Bootstrap, a responsive CSS framework that makes designing a web page simple, yet stylish. I'm using the Cerulean theme for this site.

Structured and Repurposable Data

My resumé data is contained in a YAML file, a structured representation of information that is easily converted to a Ruby object, that is then inserted into the appropriate slots in the HTML output with Haml.

That same data is repurposed into a LaTeX file in much the same way. Similarly, it is used again in another file that ends up being converted into RTF, an interchangeable editable file for when people demand such.