Wasabinero Chili

“What happens when you have a Japanese friend that likes chili? You make him wasabi chili.”

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Cincinatti Skyline Chili

A faithful rendition of the famous Skyline Chili from Cincinatti, Ohio.

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California Dreamin Cause Im Tired Of Winter Vegan Award Winning Chili

This chili won my brother first prize for veggie chili in a department chili cookoff. (He was the only entrant, but they could have withheld the award if the chili was no good.)

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Easy Vegetarian Chili

This recipe provides opportunities for a lot of variation. The spice measures are really inexact (instead of “tablespoons”, I tend to use “mound on palm”, for example. :) ). The ingredients can be played with endlessly, even to the point of making minestrone instead of chili. :) (Just add some macaroni and you’re there, practically.)

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Black Bean Turkey Chili

I’m not sure where this recipe came from, but it’s a real winner using left over turkey (or even browned ground turkey). I do it without the jalapenos, because I don’t like their taste. Using a habanero would be awesome.

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Quick Stove Top Chili

When you just want to throw some chili together and don’t want the canned stuff.

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Colorado Green Chili

Like it’s cousin, Colorado Red Chili, this recipe came from a friend of mine out in Colorado who goes by the handle Fielding Melish. This is a green variety of chili, a chili verde. Note that the “Colorado” in the title doesn’t mean the Spanish word for “red” – it’s where the recipe originated.

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Colorado Red Chili

I originally picked up this recipe from a friend who goes by the alter ego of Fielding Melish (cf. Woody Allen movies). This is one of the recipes that I lost and am trying to recreate from memory. I haven’t tried out this version, but it’s the best I can remember it.

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Baked Nachos

This is surprisingly simple and so delicious! I first had baked nachos from a little hole-in-the-wall burrito place in Santa Clara, whose name escapes me now. They had great burritos though, and this was what they made of nachos!

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Twenty Thousand Dollar Chili Recipe

This actually won a $20,000 prize in a chili cookoff. Must be in the wrist.

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