Sweet Potato Lasagna, with meat

The idea for this was taken from a vegan lasagna recipe, but the concept is wonderful as a gluten-free and dairy-free option for a meat-based lasagna.

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Vegan Sweet Potato Lasagna


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Baked Sweet and White Potato Salad

Made this today for Memrorial Weekend celebration BBQ at my brother’s. I needed something to bring that I know I’d be able to eat and enjoy. Learning to find things I can eat while being out with normal folks is hard. This one, though, is AMAZING. This is pretty similar to Sweet and White Potato Salad except the taters are baked intead of boiled. Plus BACON.

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Sweet and White Potato Salad

Using sweet and white potatoes, this salad is a bit of a surprise, but very enjoyable.

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Sweet Potato Nachos

Yet another nacho recipe, this time with sweet potatoes!!

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Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili Burgers with Baked Cheddar Beer Onion Rings

From the half-baked harvest blog, these “burgers” and onion rings look like they’d be super delicious, and probably a lot healthier than the standard fast-food sort.

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Two Potato Home Fries

Both sweet potato and yudon gold potato fries, superbly spiced. Could also be baked instead of fried for lucsious tastiness.

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