Simple Vegetarian Slow-Cooked Beans

When I have a hungry family to feed, these tasty beans with spinach, tomatoes and carrots are a go-to dish. This veggie delight is frequently on the menu. —Jennifer Reid, Farmington, Maine

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California Dreamin Cause Im Tired Of Winter Vegan Award Winning Chili

This chili won my brother first prize for veggie chili in a department chili cookoff. (He was the only entrant, but they could have withheld the award if the chili was no good.)

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Falafel Cakes

For those of us meat-a-tarians at a loss for what to feed our vegan and vegetarian friends, this recipe works really well. Serve the falafel cakes in pocket pita with fresh sliced vegetables and cucumber sauce or tahini. Even the meat eaters love this recipe!

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Making Vegetable Stock

How to Make Vegetable Stock.

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Easy Vegetarian Chili

This recipe provides opportunities for a lot of variation. The spice measures are really inexact (instead of “tablespoons”, I tend to use “mound on palm”, for example. :) ). The ingredients can be played with endlessly, even to the point of making minestrone instead of chili. :) (Just add some macaroni and you’re there, practically.)

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Roasted Pumpkin Soup

A nice fall/winter soup that can serve as a vegetarian meal

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