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I am a geeky person, mom to 2 grown daughters, a webologist, software craftperson watercolourist, sketcher, musician, photographer and teacher.

"What is a Webologist??"
I hear you ask...

A Webologist is a term I invented for myself as someone who studies the culture, people, technology, and impacts of the World-Wide Web and the Internet.

I am a practitioner of software development, including building web applications using Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, and many other languages, libraries, and frameworks.

I am also a disciple of software as a craft (aka SWaaC), learning and teaching skills in crafting software systems that work for the people intended. I teach, coach, mentor, and encourage others to discover this fun and exciting field.

I am available for the following roles:

  • Personal tutoring and coaching in learning software development.
  • Consulting in software development processes, team building, software architecture, and diversity.

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