Deeper learning after much pondering and RTFM for Jest

TIL: using beforeAll and beforeEach in jest tests

This has been bugging me for awhile. I have wanted to set up things in beforeAll and beforeEach functions, like I do in RSpec, but couldn’t quite figure out how to get them in the it calls.

Turns out to be stupid simple. All you need to do is set the items on the global context, like so:

  global.TagsInstance = new Tags({
    item: item,
    item_type: "Job",
    data: data,
    mutate: noop

After the suite finishes, clear out the item:

  global.TagsInstance = undefined

I suppose that pollutes the global space, so one might want to do it in a namespace, and then clear that every time, too:

  global.beforeEach.actual = mount(
    <Tag item={item}/>

  global.beforeEach = undefined

TIL: you can call instance variables and functions on an Enzyme wrapper

Okay, this is very cool. I didn’t know this would work BUT IT DOES!

This involves a few different things:

  • calling a method on a mounted instance of a component
  • putting an expect on a callback
  • interogating a mounted component’s state
it("can i call stuff directly?", ()=>{
  const actual = mount(<MyComponent />)
  actual.instance().setState({ boo: "boo"}, () => {