I have recently been playing much with emac’s org-mode and one of the neat things is creating a presentation and exporting it to [beamer], a TeX dialect made for creating presentations.

I seemed to have all the pieces installed, so I thought, so I got to the step for testing the installation:

To test your installation, copy the file generic-ornate-15min-45min.en.tex from the directory beamer/solutions/generic-talks to some place where you usually create presentations. Then run the command pdflatex several times on the file and check whether the resulting pdf file looks correct. If so, you are all set.

Well, I wasn’t all set, as it turns out I was missing a few fonts. After banging around trying to fix this, I used my awesome superpowers and searched for the error that was getting shown, and it led me to stackexchange’s TeX forum:


Here, I learned about installing fonts. I ran the following as root:

$ sudo tlmgr install collection-fontsrecommended

and then tried the test again:

$ pdflatex generic-ornate-15min-45min.en

which produces a ton of output as TeX does and the result was a success!