Nelly Starr Cake

This recipe came from Nelly Starr, a former patient of my uncle John’s. She used to make him these cakes all the time. My aunt Marcie finally convinced him to ask her for the recipe. My cousin Kate responded with “You know, Mom, if you ask her for the recipe, she’ll never make another cake for Dad.” And it was true! Nevertheless, we have the recipe secured.

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Atsa Louie Ima Phil Spaghetti Dinner

This is a recipe from the Palermo Brothers, a comedy duo, who had the famous tag line “‘Atsa Louie, I’ma Phil”. This appeared in their autobiography of that name. I am pretty sure it’s out of print now, but you can pick up facsimiles still. This recipe appeared in the paper, which is how I got it. It’s a winner!

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