There are easy dry mixes for hollandaise that are every bit as good as this recipe, without the need for double boiling, and being attentive to it. I usually just use one of the mix packets and follow the directions on it.



  1. Fill the bottom of a double boiler part-way with water. Make sure that water does not touch the top pan. Bring water to a gentle simmer.

  2. In the top of the double boiler, whisk together egg yolks, lemon juice, white pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and 1 tablespoon water.

  3. Add the melted butter to egg yolk mixture 1 or 2 tablespoons at a time while whisking yolks constantly.

  4. If hollandaise begins to get too thick, add a teaspoon or two of hot water.

  5. Continue whisking until all butter is incorporated.

  6. Whisk in salt, then remove from heat.

  7. Place a lid on pan to keep sauce warm until ready to serve.