Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza 30-Oct-2011

A fair rendition of that wonderful windy city dish

From the Caer Llewys Cookbook



  • Heat oven to 375&degF;.

  • For a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, line a round baking tin, ten to twelve inches wide by about an inch and a half deep, with a thin layer of pizza crust, reserving a little of the dough.

  • Fill the crust generously with meats, sauce and cheese to about a quarter to half an inch from the top, finishing up with sauce and cheese. Save a little of the sauce for the top crust.

  • Roll the reserved dough out into a very thin layer and cover the fillings with it.

  • Seal around the edge of the top crust, then put a final thin layer of sauce and cheese on top of the top crust.

  • Bake for about 25-30 minutes, and allow to rest for at least ten minutes before removing from the pan and cutting.