Carbonara is typically done with bits of proscuitto and bacon and parmesean. This recipe serves 2 admirably.



  1. Fry up the bacon, drain/degrease, and crumble (this is easiest done by chopping the end off a package of bacon, and cutting it into chunks before frying; attend to the cooking bacon so it doesn’t burn).

  2. Start the pasta cooking. (To cook bacon to the consistency desired takes longer than to get the pasta cooked.)

  3. Julienne the prosciutto and fry for a few minutes as well. (Easily done while pasta is cooking.)

  4. When the pasta is done, combine all the ingredients and mix thoroughly.

  5. Serve at once, do not let the eggs cook too much (like not at all!)

Spaghetti or vermicelli are long, thin pasta. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with them if you break them into thirds before cooking them.

I think useful additions to the spicing would be basil and possibly even a touch of peppermint, although way not traditional. I also think substituting olive oil for the butter would make this even more authentic.