In contrast to BakedNachos, this is a much simpler recipe, good for those munchie emergencies. Seriously, the longest bit of time for this recipe is probably shredding the cheese if you don’t buy it pre-shredded. These make for a serious quick snack fix good for watching TV.



  1. Line the bottom of a microwave-safe dish or plate with tortilla chips
  2. Cover with cheese
  3. Drop the chili at various strategic points on the chips
  4. Similarly drop the salsa on the chips. It’s important not to get too much chili or salsa on the chips as they makes them soggy (unless you like that, of course!)
  5. Moar cheeze!
  6. Microwave for about 3 minutes

These can be layered if you don’t go to heavy on any layer. If you don’t have chili, you can do without for just some cheesy chips.

Good additions: