You know that saying, that if you live in a place, you don’t know the attractions. But when friends come to visit, what do you do? I wrote this a few years ago but never got around to publishing it, so here’s my list. A few places to eat, things to see, etc., in Minneapolis/St. Paul:

Museums, etc:

Famous Buildings:

  • St. Mary’s Basilica, Minneapolis
  • Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul


(There is so much theatre here in the Twin Cities.)


The Twin Cities has lots of open space, parks, walking trails, etc.


The Twin Cities is pretty cosmopolitan, you can find almost anything here. Personally, I stay away from fish/seafood places with a couple of exception, probably not worth mentioning as they’re chains.

closer to home

Sadly, I can’t comment on night-life, as I don’t have any.

Grocery Stores

  • Mississippi Market,, a coop with great stuff for vegan and other alternative eating styles
  • HyVee,, a huge superstore style grocer, employee-owned, slowly moving into the Twin Cities Metro
  • Kowalski Markets,, smaller stores, focused on locally grown and sourced foods, high quality