Giovanni Paglioli has captured and composited a fantastic image of the region around Gamma Cassiopeiae:

Giovanni’s explanation on flickr:

This is the area near Gamma Cassiopeie, including IC59/63 nebulae.

I was uncertain if to publish this image… Too many different datasets at different imagescale and resolution. Some images where a little hazy and some others has a certain degree of foggyness and haloes. Anyway I finally decided to go.

Main optics (where the most datas comes from) where: Officina Stellare UCRC 300 f5.4 and Takahashi Epsilon 210 f3. Cameras used mostly: FLI ML11002 and QSI 683WSG8. Mounts; Software Bisque Paramount MX and Astro Physics Match1 GTO.

Guiding off axis with a Starlight Xpress Lodestar camera.

Total integration time is about (LLRGB image type) 240:120:120:120.