A poignant plea, from a father, to his mother on behalf of his child, and for all white people to become free of racism, fear, and colonialism.

Unfurled thread:

My mom just cried and said she doesn’t know what to do anymore because I asked her to please this time read my daughter a book about a person of color.

This is ofc bec she isn’t ready to admit to herself her own racial bias, so every time she starts to feel it she has to reinterpret it as an attack in order to protect herself from her guilt. And it takes time & work, but either way the person who loses is my own kid. Sigh.

Tho if you can’t do this when you have raised three adopted kids of color and now have grandkids of color then what hope is there

This country keeps white people so untrue to and unaware of themselves by tying their sense of inherent worth to their race. White people, get free.

Dear white people, you are holding yourselves captive to your fear of being no better than an Asian man or Black woman.

You are holding yourselves captive to your fear of being as little in control and as much a subject of institutionalized hatred as the people you won’t admit you feel better than.

We have been trying to save you your whole lives, but we can’t, and many of us have died and will die trying to save you whether we are willing to die for that or not, because you won’t save yourselves.

Good God
get free
get free
get free