A very apt quote for our times, as it is in all times:

I cannot find an actual source for this quote. From Wikiquote’s Misattributed section:

Attributed to Bonhoeffer on the Internet, and supposedly from Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy (2010) by Eric Metaxas; however, there is no actual reference in that book. However, in advertising the book Metaxas does state on his site that the quote is from Bonhoeffer.

Even if the quote cannot be directly sourced to Bonhoffer, the source of the quote is less imprtant than the actual words. Not acting is still acting. I’ve heard that so many times from my old organizational change teachers, Byron Fineman, Stan Rifkin, and many others. The notion that we cannot ignore what is going on around us and never have it affect us is reflected in the poem by Martin Neimoeller, a contemporary of Bonhoffer: