Just to have these all here.
MLKJr: A riot is the language of the unheard
New Stamps: Voices of the Harlem Renaissance
Things to do in Minneapolis
Link: Amamzing Invisible Glass Rube Goldberg Machine (Laughing Squid)
Link: Thoughts on Leonard Peltier's 44th year of imprisonment
Video: Sugar Glider Leap
Link: USAToday 2019 In Pictures
Tweet: Nativity Scene at Claremont UMC
Link: APOD: Electric Night
@salesses on twitter: white people, get free
Erynn Brook on Twitter: Let your kids play
NYT: Jessica Slice: My wheelchair makes me a better mom
Link Collection
Link: Amazing Art of Diana Smith
Link: Music of Morocco, National Geographic Travel
Link: W.E.B. DuBois' hand-drawn infographics of African American Life, from Public Domain Review
From APOD: Volcano of Fire under the Milky Way
What is a Full-Stack Developer? A personal experience
Improving our communication: A Tweet Thread and Discussion
Social Media has Eaten My Life
The Buddhist Metta of Lovingkindness (a repost)
Tweet thread: Anti-racism 101, by @vogelbeere
Deck Us All With Boston Charlie
Martin Luther King, Jr's Letter From a Birmingham Jail
Quote: Chekhov, No Cure
Winter: A Poem (short)
BBC: Indonesia's Orang Rima Tribe Forced to Renounce Faith
Earth and Moon: 25 Years Ago
I, Too. Langston Hughes
Danez Smith: Alternate Heaven for Black Boys
A picture of our times
The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, by Ursula K. LeGuin
IRON Pirate Garage Buell XB9 Cafe Racer
The Amazing Legerro, a custom by Walt Siegl
Cassini image: Saturn's Rings and Enceladus Jets
Neil Makes Up Another Story
Emma Watson Quote: Feminism is not a stick to beat other women with
It is not normal... (tumblr)
Anxiety Behaviours
tweet: largest protest in US history
List of Positive Things in 2016
Retrospective on 2016 for starting 2017
no signs
Video: Joeseph on NPR Tiny Desk Concerts
Malcolm X on progress (tumblr)
Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade
small pumpkin (from Tumblr)
Quote: Lincoln re: Liberty and Hypocrisy
Family Photos: Frances and Janice
Links for 22 October 2016
video: adorable baby hedgies
Video: Rhiannon Giddons on Austin City Limits: "Louisiana Man"
Quote: There is nothing more patriotic
Slideshow of Selka the Sea Otter at MBA
Political Science 101
My Brother Makes Lots of Funny Faces (Video)
Link Share: July 9, 2016
So Squee: Bunny on Day 18
Quote: Frederick Douglass on the Meaning of July 4th
Suicide Bombing in Medina, Saudi Arabia
Quote: There is no wealth
Quote: The Earth Is Waiting For You
powerpuff yourself
The Anti-Slavery Alphabet
The Secret Life of Mountain Lions
Colour Our Collections
Today's Instagram Tour
Today's Instagram Favourites
Quote: Silence in the Face of Evil is Evil - Bonhoffer
My #EarthStatement Selfie-Signature
This morning on Instagram
Press Release: Basecamp Valuation Tops $100 Billion After Bold VC Investment
Photo Share: Magical Moonrise
An expansive photo record of Native American Life in the early 1900s
Miss my City, Miss my home
Quote: Father Berrigan: We expect something better from the political left
World's Wildlife Population Halved in 40 Years
Quote: Chesterton: "A Real Soldier"
The Final Inspection -- a poem for Rememberance Day
APOD: Jupiter and Venus from Earth
Time-lapse of Sept 2015 Lunar Eclipse
Video: Uranium in a Bubble Chamber
Animated Flyover of Pluto
APOD: Milky Way and Aurora over Antarctica
Randy Olson: This is the story she wanted to tell
The Appropriation of Cultures by Percival Everett
Quote: Control is an Illusion
Quote: Irene Nolan
Quote: Nothing worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime - Reinhold Niebuhr
Video: Scary Cloud Over Kansas City - Stephen Locke
Imgur: Human Hate Can Adapt to Anything
Frederick Douglass Address: 'The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro'
Today's Readings
Supportive Materials For Active Compassion
stuff I liked today
APOD: Into the Void
APOD: Green Flash at Moonrise
I am
Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier
Stuff I Liked Today
Stuff I Liked Today
Stuff I Liked today
APOD: blue tears and the milky way
Boring Office Job GoPro Commercial
Blue Mountain Lake in Colorodo, USA
Philae: The tense final moments around comet touchdown
Fireball Reflections - Mike Taylor Photograph
Negotiations betweent io.js, node, Advisory Board, Joyent, Foundation....
Link: A new release of Jekyllpress
APOD: Cometary Globule CG4
New Pens!!
One way to get of an old toilet
Impressive impromtu piano playing
internet legal society
Using Packer and Vagrant to Build Virtual Machines
Cassini Top 10 Science Highlights of 2014
Emacs Org Mode
Rails 4.2 config_for
Validation Contexts
Alexis Diaz - Street Art - London, England
Painting Class: Ice Fjord Village
Quote: Go Into The Arts (Kurt Vonnegut)
Quote: A billion stars go spinning through the night
Repost: RSpec 3 and deprecated .and_return blocks
Quote: Treat the Earth well
Quote: Albert Einstein: On never growing old
Quote: Kim Stanley Robinson: Libertarians
More Funny Juxtapositions
Total Inversion at Grand Canyon fills it with clouds
APOD: Aurora Shimmer, Meteor Flash. Bjørner Hansen
Studio Ghibili Tribute Art
Gumpy Disney: A DeviantArt Master
APOD: Milky Way over Moon Valley
Sapolsky Quote: Science does not cure us of mystery and wonder
Video: Wanderers
Clouded Leopard
Miki Sato - Whimsical Animations and Illustrations
art is not a real graffiti form
Van Gogh: Souvenir de Mauve
healing the rift: hugging cop and kid in Portland Ferguson protest rally
Hannah Rothstein depicts Thanksgiving platings by famous artists
Black Hole Friday
500px: Unbelievable Photography: 29 Stunning Self-Portraits Under the Northern Lights
APOD: Tornado and Rainbow
Thanksgiving Dinner 2014
8 ways to spot Emotional Manipulation
ESPOD: Undulatus Asperatus Clouds
Family Portrait
Quote: It is characteristic of human nature
A new view of Europa
Quote: Vandana Shiva
Bread Lamps (Visual News)
Quote: Isadora Duncan: You were once wild here
Awesome Autumn Colour Painting
Philae Touchdown Confirmed!
Moonrise from ISS
Easier Way to Source Locate DOM Elements
Ember.js Authentication the Right Way
Altoids tin watercolour pallette attempt #2
How to: Converting Instance Variables to YAML in Ruby
Documenting Regular Expressions
Dealing with mixed encodings in a file
Csikszentmihalyi on Sources of Creativity
Gallery: Adorable Animal Drawings in Ann Arbor, Michigan
ESPOD: Sun Pillar Over Beunos Aires
Stellar Debris in the Large Magellanic Cloud
ESPOD: Solar Halo Over Pago Do Altar, Portugal
Quotes from Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard
Gallery: Nature Through Microscope and Camera (1909)
Link: Animated Graffit by A. L. Crego
Link: Vi Hart: A Case Study in Musical Memory and Past Lives
10 Reasons to Hate Capitalism
Link: Fairy Doors
ESPOD: Magellanic Clouds, Milky Way, and Zodiacal Light over Reunion Island
Gallery: Chloe the orphan wombat
Orion spacecraft rendering.
Link: When Women Stopped Coding
Link: The best coding language for you to learn
A Green changes their mind regarding nuclear energy
Ingrid's Notes - The Color Thesaurus
APOD: Lunar Eclipse at Moonrise
Best tweet this week
Be Seeing You
TOS;DR - making web site terms of service tractable to users
Watercolour Class: Negative Painting Exercise
Beaker, you're looking a bit wooden lately.
Mono no aware
Flight Assembled Architecture
HTTP Status Cats - a set on Flickr
ambidextrous drawing
Tiny Turtles on Strawberries
bouncing octopode babies
Mountain Biker + Dog = Awesome
Gorgeous Panoramic view of the Chajnantor Array
Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS on Vimeo
Repost: The 400-word Palindrome of Barry Duncan
Poetry: Declaration of the Free, by Robert Ingersoll
Interesting article on perception and our senses
Repost: Maddie Chamber's Hobbit Hole
LRO: And the flag was still there
New Zealand v. Scotland in Rugby
Converting blog to pure Jekyll
Embracing the Challenges
Morning Haiku
Our Curiousity
Star cluster Pismis 24
Video: Rose of Jericho
Why I Love Sea Otters
end of a summer storm - music video
A new jekyllpress gem
Chris Pine's _Learn to Program_ on Unshelved Comic
Career Advice
puppy logic
New-found artist: Victoria Georgina Gibson - Angel
A place to get started in web design
Cassini Top 10 Images (via NASA)
Orion's Belt Rising Through Atmosphere
360 Degree Time-Lapse Panorama of Night Sky with Milky Way
Humans of New York: His Grandmother and I Are Raising Him
Wet Owls - So Adorable!
Dancing Bats (video)
Learning Resources for Software Development and Programming
Seven Deadly Social Sins (Ghandi)
Turning off IPv6 in OS/X Maverics 10.9
A Culture Unaware of Its Impact
Quote: MLK, Jr.: Shallow Acceptance
Competition Done Right
Learning Simplicity
Quote: It Is Up To Us -- Sagan
Don't Judge a House by It's Exterior
Playing Around with Thor Generators
Fireball & Auroras - Yellowknife, Canada
The Artist's Tool Kit (R.Genn)
Quote: Your children are not your children.
The Incredible Beauty of the Ovation Aurora Borealis
Animal Alphabet
Astounding Photo of Surfer and Dolphin
Video from Animals Australia
Quote: Lawrence Krause: "Our Brief Moment In the Sun"
Solitude: Schopenhauer
Heart and Soul Nebulae -- NASA WISE
ESOD: Storm Cloud Over Essex, UK
Triangulum Galaxy
Quote: Jason Read: The Nature of Parasites
Press Release: Pelican Bay Short Corridor Human Rights Movement Statement February 2014
Black Sand Beach on South Coast of Iceland - epod
Kiss in the Rain
The Truth About Engineers
Dieter Ram's 10 Principles For Good Design - readymag
Stellar Debris is Pretty
Quote: Never Waste Your Time...
Medium: Finding Stock Photos
Sea Otter Mom and Pup Visit MBA
My Nerd Story: What You Say to Young Girls Matters | Linux.com
These are pretty funny photo juxtapositions
Franciso Negroni: Explosive Images from the Cordón Caulle volcano in Chilé
This is why Gandi.Net is my Registrar of Choice
USB Utility Charge Tool Is A Swiss Army Knife For The Modern Times
How scientists taught monkeys the concept of money. Not long after, the first prostitute monkey appeared
From Static to Dynamic Typing: a Change In Beliefs
Sunset on Another Planet (A moment frozen in time)
Write It On Your Heart [Emerson]
Today's Painting: Alaskan Aurora
Humans Share Movement Patterns with Sharks, Bees
Cassini's Festive Tour Of Spectacular Saturn
Addams Family Christmas
UX: What Does "Flat Design" Really Mean? (link)
Giovanni Paglioli: Around Gamma Cassiopeiae
How To: Add Travis CI Capability to a Github Repo
Cool Things: Web Sequence Diagramer
2013: What Brought Us Together - YouTube
Eberswalde Delta, Mars
This is why I don't like sites like codeacademy
Video: Puppy gets 210 water bottles for Christmas!
Quote: Carl Sagan on Kid's Scientific Questions
Gorgeous photo by Hans Menop
Bottlenose Dolphin Rescue
Opposites Attract : Image of the Day
Baby Squirrel Survives Nearly Being Frozen, Makes Best Friends With Dog
A bit of maths humour
Comet Lovejoy Being Quite Picturesque
Rise Up For Elephants
Hutia Babies Hitch a Ride
Possible bug: IE8 won't show table: "'aTargets' is null or not an object" - DataTables forums
WolframAlpha: "Why are fire trucks red?"
MIT Geeks Create an Origami Thanksgiving | Wired Design | Wired.com
Kawasaki's Neon Green Trike Is an Absurd Anime Bike Brought to Life | Autopia | Wired.com
The Cygnus Loop
Developing a Ruby Gem
A Poem by Wilhelm Reich
DakotaLapse: Red Desert
Because Cats
All this technology is making us antisocial
Amazing ISON Cometness!
MVC is dead, it's time to MOVE on.
Whenever you hear or read something
Klyuchevskoy Eruption: ESPOD Nov 25th, 2013
On Team Mascots Using Native American Names and Images
GoldieBlox: Toys for Future Female Engineers
Quote: Harriet Tubman: "I freed a thousand"
R'ha -- A SciFi Short Film
Boxful of Corgis
DevOps for Developers Video Series
Quote: Everyone is fighting their own battles
Fascinating article pushing the boundaries on CSS design
Creating Non-Rectangular Layouts with CSS Shapes
Just what is going on in that magnificent Cassini image of Saturn? | The Planetary Society
An Interactive Periodic Table of Swearing
Korg has a new DIY synth kit out with LittleBits
Pink armadillos ain’t your Texas critters | Science News
Yamaha Electric Concept Bikes at Tokyo Motor Show
Hashrocket Blog - SQL Window Functions and You
Harvest mouse climbs up a dandelion | Mail Online
Hybrid Eclipse Shades Africa : Image of the Day
A Guide to Ruby Collections Archives - SitePoint
Solitary Confinements Invisible Scars
Apache / PHP 5.x Remote Code Execution Exploit
3-D Printer Brings Dexterity To Children With No Fingers : Shots - Health News : NPR
Painting Reflections in Water - YouTube
How To Paint A Moving Water By Tom Jones | Jerrys Artarama
Watercolour Teaches Commitment
Pdf Rendering With Phantomjs - Big elephants
Some Interesting Images
Panda Twins Named at Zoo Atlanta
Testing Droid4 Orientation Effect on Photos
Adding a file display list to a multi-file upload HTML control
Multi-File Uploads and Multiple Selects
The Weirdest Things Recently Found on Mars - Wired Science
Conductive Ink Turns Paper Into Musical Instruments | Wired Design | Wired.com
FREE! FREE! 100's of Free Programming Books
Melted Toy Soldiers Inspired by Michelangelo | Wired Design | Wired.com
Mexican Border Project Documents Those Who Make Art, Not War | Raw File | Wired.com
Book of Lamentations – The New Inquiry
DakotaLapse: Plains Milky Way
Amazing Secret Dungeon discovered under my new apartment... - The Meta Picture
kbme2 phonebook combines digital and analog process in one
Mental Floss Exclusive: Our Interview with Bill Watterson! | Mental Floss
Bushfires continue to rage in N.S.W. overnight
Kierkegaard on Anxiety & Creativity | Brain Pickings
Hubble's Most Important Image
Incredible images show flying squirrel leaping 150-feet through night sky | Mail Online
'Normal' Barbie By Nickolay Lamm Shows Us What Mattel Dolls Might Look Like If Based On Actual Women (PHOTOS)
Christopher Walken as Mad Tailor in Clothing Ads
Climber, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, NatGeo
Antarctica Picture –- Climbing Photo -- National Geographic Photo of the Day
Christopher Walken Is the World's Weirdest Tailor in Crazy Danish Clothing Ads | Adweek
Barishnakov Condemns Russian Anti-LGBT Policies
ruby - Can't get page data from Jekyll plugin - Stack Overflow
Carl Sagan Quote on Books
Princess Leia Hoodie
How to reduce the gender gap in one (relatively) easy step
Astounding 419 Spam -- or -- How is the US Government Raising Funds?
English and Dravidian: Unlikely parallels | The Economist
Green Fireball
Schneier on Security: Take Back the Internet
DevOps Toolbox: Introduction
6 Ways to Remove Pain From Feature Testing in Ruby on Rails
Giraffe Cup Stands on 3 Tall Legs
In Images: Beetles Dance on Poop Balls to Keep Cool | LiveScience
Tim Minchin gives some good advice while not giving any good advice
Knight v Snail - Medieval manuscripts blog
Index - Scorched
Jekyll: Making Posts Sticky
A disturbance in the force?
Size Comparison - Science Fiction spaceships by *DirkLoechel on deviantART
Massive Size Comparison Chart of Famous Spaceships From Sci-Fi Films, TV Shows, & Games
"Tail recursion is it's own reward" -- xkcd.com/1270
ThinkGeek :: Critical Hit D20 3D Window Decal
Natural Occuring Pink Lake In Senegal | Incredible Things
Gingko Biloba Trees Hardier Than I Knew (TW: Bombing, Hiroshima)
Your Point is Moot - Platypi in Hats
Book: Handbook to Higher Consciousness
An inspirational letter from Clarissa Pinkola Estes
The Tea Story
Silly and Cool: BBQ Donut Boat
Adding Real-Time To Rails With Socket.IO, Node.js and Backbone.js (With Demo) - Liam Kaufman
Adding Real-Time To A RESTful Rails App - Liam Kaufman
ActiveRecord: Enhanced Query Objects
The Predicate Module Pattern
Essential Tools for Starting a Rails App in 2013 | Pete Keen
APOD 20130919: Moon, Venus and Earth
json - How to send raw post data in a Rails functional test? - Stack Overflow
Updated resume
ISS Earth Observatory: Sunrise Over the Aleutians
ISS Earth Observatory: Saudi At Night
ISS Earth Observatory: Darwin Fires
ISS Earth Observatory: Laguna Verde Catamarca Salt Deposits
Rumi Quote
How Millennial Are You? | Pew Research Center
New Arrival at Belfast's Gorilla House!
A novel method for the removal of ear cerumen
How to: avoid back pain while at the computer | Freelance news | Journalism.co.uk
Functional Exoskeleton for the Disabled - Neatorama
The Laws of Software Design
CONTACT 1: A 200,000 Piece LEGO Masterwork by Mike Doyle — Kickstarter
13 Strange Miniature Worlds, Crafted by Hand | Wired Design | Wired.com
This Little Wristband Will Replace Your Passwords With Your Heartbeat | Wired Design | Wired.com
More hillarity from tenderlove...
11 Words That Don't Mean What They Sound Like | Mental Floss
Where will all the traffic go? — Changing City — Medium
Why you should stop pirating Google's geo APIs « Pete Warden's blog
Feynmann Quote on Questions and Answers
Make brushes (such as for painting)
10 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Music Practice : Deceptive Cadence : NPR
Cool Thing Today: showterm.io
Post Chase – Futility Closet
Running Headless Selenium with Chrome
SheWired - Op-Ed: Where Have All the Butches Gone?
LADEE Flickr Group
Red Burns' List
Ask the Critic: Here's How Tipping Actually Works | Serious Eats : New York
Spring Storm and Milky Way
Art and Love
The most private thing...
Hunting Landslides with Landsat : Image of the Day
Picasso on Art and the Establishment
Raindrop Paintings
Must have gems for development machine in ruby on rails | CodeBeerStartups
Boosting Your Rails Development Workflow - SitePoint
Implementing Multi-Table Full Text Search with Postgres in Rails – Hashdog blog
Creativity Quote
Mass inserting data in Rails without killing your performance – Coffeepowered
RSpec Custom Formatters: Displaying Test Durations
Sweet dreams are made of cheese
Nginx takes the slippery road away from open source
Video: Fastest Flying Birds on the Planet
Playing With Your Food: Foodscapes of Carl Warner
Getting keywords from a web page via Nokogiri
Deploying Rails app using Nginx
Deploying a Rails app using Nginx, Unicorn, Postgres, and Capistrano to Digital Ocean
A Simple Content Management System in Sinatra Part 1
How to reset your Time Capsule to factory settings without losing your data
Resetting an Apple Airport base station FAQ
New Symphony of Science: Monsters of the Cosmos
EPOD: Fog Bow
Jekyllizing My Cookbook
I met the world's smartest dog
CSS Tricks: Drop Caps
Scary Scary Goblin Shark
Venus Solar Eclipse
Technorati Verification 4TSQW83NZQ59
Bootstrap Follies: Vertically and Horizontally Centered Form
Imogen Heap knows how to create an audience
Shout Out for Codeship.IO: Adding Transcripts to Video Blogs
Programmers Creativity
Quote: Miguel de Cervantes
San Francisco Fog Time-Lapse Videos
Caption Hover Effects in CSS3
Another great computer hero falls....
It's not easy to hug a hedgie...
A Supercell Near Booker, Texas, in Time Lapse
Jane Addams quote - Peace with Justice
TeaDog is AwesomeDog
Roles and Activities in Software Development
Possible Topics for SWaaC
Introduction to Software as a Craft
Unit Testing Backbone.JS Applications
Gravity Glue Stone Structures
code as literature, software dev as communication
Lightning Display on Ikaria Island, Greece - Earth Science Picture of the Day
January Aurora Over Norway
Amazing Time-Lapse of Yosemite in High Def
Awesomeness Captured!!
Another GREAT Aurora over Russia in Time-Lapse
Amazing 3-dimensional paintings of goldfish in resin
Gorgeous shot of comet during trip to ISS
Grace and Diversity in Underwater Photography
Full Sky Aurora Over Norway
Another personal hero falls....
FDR - Words for Today's Occupation
So passes a real hero of the computing age
Not my generation, I wish it were
Another Glorious Day in New Orleans
A Glorious Day in New Orleans
Amazing Double Backflip in a Wheelchair
Descendants -- a short animated film
A Disturbance in the Force...?
Wheelchair Athlete's Back Flip Lands Him In Record Book
Poetry: Self Evident, by Ani DeFranco
Poem: Detroit Annie -- Hitchhiking, by Judy Grain