Christopher Walken Is the World’s Weirdest Tailor in Crazy Danish Clothing Ads Shear madness from Jack & Jones By David Gianatasio

  • October 16, 2013, 9:56 AM EDT

As an actor, Christopher Walken can effortlessly stretch from insanely intense to intensely insane. The cooler end of his range comes into play in these darkly stylish spots by Copenhagen ad agency &Co. and director Martin Werner for Danish clothier Jack & Jones.

“Made from Cool” is the theme, and Walken portrays a weird tailor who goes about his clothes-making chores in strange, presumably supernatural fashion on impressive sets that recall Anton Furst’s neo-Gothic vision of Gotham City. Check out the sheep’s look of shear terror about eight seconds into the first spot below. Its expression seems to say: Holy crap, it’s Christopher Walken!

Though famed for his voice, Walken doesn’t utter a word. Perhaps he sewed his mouth shut by mistake. The Oscar winner’s silence ratchets up the tension and enhances the hypnotic atmosphere. This dude’s piercing, otherworldly gaze is just sick. My pants aren’t ready? Whatever! Just get outta my head, freaky tailor!

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