I’ve put out a new release of Jekyllpress, my Thor script to help create new jekyll posts and pages.

To Install

Command line install:

$ gem install jekyllpress

New features

  • –url switch, lets you specify a url to be placed into the template. ERB variable @url.

  • –layout switch, lets you specify a different layout.

  • –template switch, lets you specify a different document template.

  • @filename variable that can be used in the ERB part of a template.

Example used to generate this post:

Command line

    $ jekyllpress new_post 'A new release of Jekyllpress' -c jekyll \
    -t jekyllpress jekyll --layout=link --template=new_link.markdown \

new_link.markdown template

It’s just frontmatter.

layout: link
title: "Link: <%= @title %>"
date: <%= Time.now.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M") %>
categories: <%= Array(@categories) %>
tags: <%= Array(@tags) %>
  href: "<%= @url %>"
  title: ""
  date: "" 
    name: ""
    url: ""
  - name: ""
    link: ""
    description: ""
layout: default
<main role="main">
  <header class="page-header">
    <h1><a href="{{page.link.href}}">{{ page.link.title }}</a></h1>
      <li>Author: <a href="{{page.link.author.url}}">{{page.link.author.name}}</a></li>
      <li>Article date: {{page.link.date}}</li>
      {% if page.categories %}<li> <ul class="link-list"><li>Categories:</li>{% for cat in page.categories %}<li role="presentation"><a href="{{site.baseurl}}/categories/{{cat}}">{{cat}}</a></li>{% endfor %}</ul></li>{% endif %}
      {% if page.tags %}<li><ul class="link-list"><li>Tags: </li>{% for tag in page.tags %}<li role="presentation"><a href="{{site.baseurl}}/tags/{{tag}}">{{tag}}</a></li> {% endfor %}</ul></li>{% endif %}
    {{ content }}
    {% if page.source %}<p><a href="{{ page.source }}">Source</a></p>{% endif %}
    {% include discuss.html %}