Where have I been?

Like some other folks these days, the whole social media thing is wearing very thin. Doomscrolling is generally recognized as a “bad thing”. Giving away your friendships to some third party to intermediate and define feels like giving up on something essential and yet ineffable, and giving your eyes and your friends’ eyes to corporate enshittification [Doctorow][enshittification].

Now what?

So I come back here, my little web log. I look at lots of stuff, and like to share if I can. But usually I’m just reposting other people’s stuff without any comment or examination of the things I’m reposting, other than occasionally giving credit (the ever lovin’ “hat tip”). I should spend more thought about what I’m posting, and not just try to spew out stuff. Making the readers’ job harder to understand why I posted it.

What’s my goal for writing here?

I’m slowing down that posting impulse. Instead of using the “Like, Comment, and Share” reflex, I want to think about it. I want to ponder it, and not just do the quick reactive thing.

I’m everywhere in social media, it seems. I have also been trying to shorten the time I spend there, because that “doomscrolling” thing has been really taking over my life, and I need my life back. I need my brain back. I need to be more that just a software developer without much else thought going into the universe.

Don’t look for hot takes. Sure, I have them, like we all do. I just don’t think I’ll be publishing mine, because nearly eveything that I think as a hot take is usually wrong, the moment I speak it (or type it) and I wish I could take it back. Even if the hot take is not wrong, it isn’t worth much until I’ve spent the time mulling it over, and putting it into some sort of context that I can also present.

In a nutshell, I like ot write and I love to communicate with people. I love to nerd out so there will likely be some of that. So I’ll be writing about stuff I find interesting, and I hope you think so to. Even if no one reads the stuff, I’ll still have it for myself, and I can take it out and admire it from time to time.

How can you find stuff?

There are zillions of keywords or tags and such things throughout the blog, but they’re there to help readers find what they’re looking for. The categories in the blog aren’t really all that helpful.